Advocacy & Issue Management

Do you need help educating legislators about an issue? Does the political process seem confusing and convoluted?

Campaign Consulting

Thinking about running for office? With over 20 years experience in campaign management, we’ll help you develop and implement a winning campaign strategy.

Political Counsel

Do you need help navigating the political system? We’ve got you covered!

Oregon Political Issue Advocacy, Public Affairs and Campaign Consulting

JWA Public Affairs are experts at helping individuals and organizations achieve their legislative goals through effective issue advocacy with elected officials and government offices. JWA offers  an insider’s perspective into Oregon’s legislative process and provides insightful campaign management – whether you’re campaigning for political office or advocating for an issue or organization you care about. We’ll work with you to strategize and implement a successful political campaign or advocacy campaign.

With experience in both the legislative and executive branches of government, JWA is able to offer the most comprehensive representation for your organization and the policy issues you care about in Oregon at the state and local levels.

Our strategists are here to serve you.