Campaign Consulting

Thinking about running for office? With over 20 years experience in campaign management, we’ll help you develop and implement a winning campaign strategy.

Political Counsel

Do you need help navigating the political system? We’ve got you covered!

Issue Advocacy for Oregon Businesses

JWA Public Affairs advocates for small and large businesses and business organizations throughout Oregon. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of the legislative process and our extensive network of political contacts—to educate and lobby Oregon politicians and policy makers to support policy issues you care about.

Experience With The Oregon Political Process

At JWA, we have extensive experience with Oregon’s political landscape. We understand the process, the personalities, the politics, and the issues and their key players. John Watt, founder of JWA, served four terms as an Oregon State representative from Medford, so he understands how the political process works—from both sides of the desk. This allows JWA to influence key decision makers through effective lobbying of members of the Oregon House of Representatives and the Oregon Senate.

Relationships Based On Integrity With Oregon Policy Makers

We have worked hard to develop and maintain excellent working relationships with Oregon policy makers from all political parties, the governor and her staff, and key officials in state agencies. Our relationships are based on our reputation for integrity in lobbying the political process. We excel at building coalitions that support and advance our clients’ positions while lobbying the Oregon legislature. When we invite key political players from throughout Oregon to the table, they are willing to listen.

Effective Communication Across Oregon's Political Landscape

JWA will help you and your organization craft a compelling communication strategy that gets your message in front of Oregon’s decision-makers in Salem. Our firsthand experience in the preparation and the presentation of expert testimony for legislative and administrative hearings enables you to deliver your message clearly, concisely, and accurately. We will educate you and your staff on the intricacies of Oregon’s political process to help you present your issues to Oregon policy makers effectively.

Our experience as lawmakers and policy advocates provides you with a steady, consistent presence when agendas for policy makers change and you and your issues need immediate representation.

If you would like more information about JWA’s Advocacy Issue Management services, or would like to discuss your specific needs, please email us.