Advocacy & Issue Management

Do you need help educating legislators about an issue? Does the political process seem confusing and convoluted?

Campaign Consulting

Thinking about running for office? With over 20 years experience in campaign management, we’ll help you develop and implement a winning campaign strategy.

Political Counsel

The Oregon’s political system can be tough to navigate when you are on the outside looking in. At JWA Public Affairs we leverage our political experience and connections to help give political council to businesses and individuals on how to get inside the process. We will help you develop a politically savvy strategy and to mobilize your political resources and achieve your policy goals.

Leverage Our Political Intelligence

Our professionals have access to critical and accurate intelligence relative to political positions on legislation. We follow political developments and changes with great interest and accuracy, and we understand how these developments may affect legislative leadership posts, committee assignments, and executive branch appointments. We use our knowledge and insights into the political process to help our clients learn how to effectively influence the policy decisions that affect their business.

Trusted and Respected Advice

JWA is one of Oregon’s most well-known and respected political consulting and lobbying firms. We have an extensive network of relationships with political insiders who trust and respect us. This allows us to educate candidates, elected officials, government agencies, the Oregon House of Representatives and Senate and political leaders about your issues, giving you an advantage when decisions are made during legislative sessions. During election cycles we help our clients provide support for the candidates who will best represent their interests.

Gain Access with Policy Makers to Advocate for the Issues You Care About

We believe that sometimes the best solution is to provide our clients with direct access to Oregon policy makers. When possible, we will facilitate direct communication and coordination between your organization and individuals in the legislative and executive branches of government. Sometimes your personal stories and advocacy about specific policy issues that affect your business or community are the most powerful tools for influencing legislators.

If you would like more information about JWA’s Political Counsel services, or would like to discuss your specific needs, please email us.